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Alaska Science Explained
By Neal Brown

Genealogy Surnames
I'm Researching!

Have a look through them, maybe you're a long lost relative!

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  • My Brown and Boyd parents, 1900-1992 Whitman County, Washington
  • My Brown grandparents, 1858-1940, Illinois and Washington
  • My Boyd grandparents, 1880-1970, South Dakota and Washington
  • My Hawk grandparents, 1870-1930, Indiana and Washington
  • My Brown and Spratt great grandparents, 1821-1905, Illinois and Washington
  • My Hawk and Sherry great grandparents, 1830-1920, Indiana and Washington
  • My Sherry and Sprague great great grandparents, 1800-1880, Indiana and Ohio
  • My wife's Tannian and Feigley parents, 1910-1980, Kentucky and Ohio
  • My wife's Tannian and Kelty grandparents, 1870-1930, Kentucky
  • My first wife's Ashbacker and Dunn parents, 1916-1995, New York
  • My step-son's Sweet great grandparents, 1860-1940, Missouri-Washington

If you can help with any of these names, please Email Me at neal.nbrown@gmail.com Thanks!

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